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The Spanish Key Correspondent team is a group of community-based chroniclers who united together to tell the world about a march of events concerning HIV/AIDS. These citizen journalists share the march of events in their communities for the purpose of generating change and igniting the decision-makers.The Corresponsales’ mission is to provide information in discussion forums on health and development from a grassroot and on-site perspective using these means to promote empowerment and mobilisation of civil society.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

A win-win situation: The role of the private sector

Through role-playing, the members of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms analysed the potential strategies to be developed by guaranteeing the inclusion of the private sector in the proposals.
Inform, raise awareness and avoid confrontation. These were some of the conclusions that were drawn from different work groups that participated in role-playing whose objective was to analyse the possibilities of including the private sector in the Country Coordinating Mechanisms.

In addition to demonstrating the most common mistakes made when looking at this sector, this role-playing helped to challenge certain stereotypes as each participant had to represent a sector other than the one they embodied on a daily basis.

These are some of the proposals that came out of this exercise:

- Businesses need to be informed about the work of the Global Fund, its operation, the role of the CCMs and how the projects are funded.

- It is also important to demonstrate to the representatives of the sector the advantages their business would obtain if it decides to participate in the mechanism.

- Train and raise awareness in the business but also train and raise awareness in the CCM members so that they do not approach the private sector with prejudices for the purpose of avoiding confrontation and acting with diplomacy.

- The proposals being looked at must be clear, concise and contain exact information.

- The exercise demonstrated that many times there are no clear proposals for the private sector and that, in many cases, proper communication does not exist with the representatives of the businesses. It is necessary to understand that the private sector can be added in different ways into the proposals whether through the donation of resources or as an executor of subsidies as well as a provider of goods and services and even as a CCM member.

Furthermore, technical assistance and promoting prevention and de-stigmatisation policies can be offered in the workplaces.

Therefore, it is important to work on the possibilities to incorporate this sector and to do it responsibly. Hence, it is necessary to select the CCM members who are the most capable of achieving this activity, demonstrate to them the impact that the Global Fund has on the HIV/AIDS epidemic and guide them through the positive techniques that many networks and organisation are already carrying out.

By Alejandra Ruffo
Key Correspondent Team – Asuncion, 10/12/09

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